Christian Motorcyclists Association

CMA Membership Requirements


Member TrainingThank you for your interest in the Christian Motorcyclists Association (CMA). CMA membership will make you part of a worldwide ministry that is dedicated to reaching people for Christ in the highways and byways through the avenue of motorcycling. CMA is not a Christian club or riding group designed to segregate Christians from the influences of the world, but rather it is a ministry designed to thrust you into the adventure of spreading the light of Jesus into dark places! We are a unified, purposeful family of like-minded followers of Jesus who enjoy riding motorcycles, ministering to each other and ministering to the lost world, especially those in the motorcycling culture. CMA strives to obediently follow the Holy Spirit as He guides our evangelistic efforts around the world. We would welcome you as a part of this family and encourage you to get involved in a local chapter so you can experience all the Christian Motorcyclists Association has to offer.

The first and most significant requirement for membership in CMA is that you acknowledge you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord. The second requirement for membership is completion of CMA's Member Training. We feel it is important to provide key information about CMA and basic ministry training to anyone desiring to join this ministry, and as such, anyone desiring to join CMA will need to complete the Member Training. This material is available for purchase at or through the CMA order line at 870-389-6196. Application for membership is included in the training's workbook. It is our hope that the Member Training will further prepare you to represent Jesus Christ and the ministry of the Christian Motorcyclists Association as you go into the biking world.

Upon completing the Member Training, send the tear-out pages to the CMA National/International Support Center where they will be processed and a membership card will be sent to you. This card will authorize you to purchase items with the official CMA logo and the official CMA back patch.

So, let's review the steps for membership in the Christian Motorcyclists Association:

  1. Acknowledge you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord.
  2. Check with the local CMA chapter in your area to see if Member Training materials are available for you to use.
  3. Order needed Member Training materials from CMA National/International Support Center at, or call the CMA Order Line at
  4. Complete the Member Training and the included questionnaire and membership application.
  5. Return the tear out pages of the workbook to:

    CMA National/International Support Center
    PO Box 9
    Hatfield, AR 71945
  6. Paperwork is processed at CMA National/International Support Center.
  7. Membership card and number is issued and mailed to you.
  8. Membership is complete! Welcome to the ministry of CMA!

Thank you for your interest in CMA! Any questions may be directed to the CMA National/International Support Center at 870.389.6196 or



CMA Member Training Workbook [9.9MB]

CMA Member Training Questionnaire